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Star Traders Forex Bundle Course – Karen Foo

This bundle is designed specially for those who are serious and ready to learn Forex and turning into a possible investment tool for passive income.

We want to reward you for your decisiveness; hence we are offering this bundle of both beginner and intermediate course that promises cost savings for you while enjoying the maximum benefits of our programme.

What Will I Learn:

  • Basics of Forex markets
  • How to use indicators the correct way
  • How to drastically minimize your risk
  • Kickstart your journey to becoming a Forex trader
  • How to use candlesticks in the right context for entry
  • Spotting false candlestick signals
  • Confirmation indicators for candlesticks trading
  • How to use indicators the right way & spot the false signals
  • Spotting legit & false breakouts
  • Picking the right indicators to suit your trading personality
  • How to become a successful Forex trader


  • No prior experience or financial background needed
  • Strong desire to succeed!
  • Passion for the Forex markets
  • Not for people who are looking for a get rich quick scheme

Suitable For Who:

  • Aspiring traders looking to get started in Forex Trading
  • Working professionals looking to trade Forex to generate additional income
  • Traders who are looking for a new strategy to complement their current ones
  • Traders who have been trading for quite some time now but haven’t found a proven trading strategy
  • Driven & committed individuals who are willing to put in the work to become a successful trader
  • Working professionals who want to use trading to supplement their income
  • Aspiring traders who want to learn a new & simple trading system

Course Curriculum

Beginner Course: Introduction To Forex Trading

  • Introduction (About Karen Foo)(2:20)START
  • What Is Forex Trading?(3:47)START
  • Introduction To The Forex Markets(4:50)START
  • Advantages And Features Of Trading The Forex Market(4:48)START
  • Basics You Need To Know As A Forex Trader(4:24)START
  • Reading Charts And Candlesticks(4:20)START
  • Types Of Currency Pairs(4:49)START
  • Currency Correlations(4:42)START
  • Types Of Trade Entries(7:15)START
  • Types Of Trade Exits(8:54)START

Beginner Course: Introduction To Technical Analysis

  • What Is Technical Analysis?(5:31)START
  • Types Of Indicators(6:26)START
  • Introduction To Moving Averages(9:19)START

Beginner Course: Trading Platform Mastery

  • Meta Trader 4 Mastery (Part 1)(13:41)START
  • Meta Trader 4 Mastery (Part 2)(4:54)START

Beginner Course: Commonly Used Indicators: SMA , EMA And Support & Resistance

  • Trading With 100 SMA(10:57)START
  • Trading With 20 SMA(10:17)START
  • Case Studies (100 SMA And 20SMA Application)(6:50)START
  • How To Use Support And Resistance The Right Way(8:42)START
  • Trading With 5EMA + Case Study(14:02)START

Beginner Course: Breakout Confirmation Trading System

  • Introduction To Trading Breakouts With Confirmation(13:06)START
  • Case Studies(3:05)START

Beginner Course: Introduction To Risk Management

  • What Is Risk Management?(8:30)START
  • Introduction To Position Sizing And Lot Size Calculation(5:21)START
  • Crafting An Effective Risk Management Plan(4:08)START
  • Concept Of Drawdown(4:44)START
  • Concept Of Risk Per Trade(4:24)START
  • Concept Of Leverage(4:16)START
  • Concept Of Margin(4:28)START

Beginner Course: Trading Styles And Types

  • 4 Types Of Traders(6:46)START

Beginner Course: Fundamental Analysis

  • Introduction And Major Economic Events(4:45)START
  • Monitoring Economic Events(3:42)START

Beginner Course: Building A Sustainable Trading Business

  • Crafting An Effective Trading Plan(4:42)START
  • Crafting An Effective Trading Journal(3:57)START

Beginner Course: Introduction to Brokers

  • Types of Brokers(4:20)START

Beginner Course: Trading Psychology

  • Introduction To Trading Psychology(4:33)START
  • 2 Types Of Traders That You Should Avoid Becoming(6:21)START
  • 3 Ways To Manage Emotions In Trading(5:47)START
  • Kickstart Your Trading Journey(7:35)START
  • Action Plan + Conclusion(3:15)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 1 – Introduction to Candlesticks & Indicators

  • Lesson 1: Introduction To Candlestick Trading(27:49)START
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Continuation Patterns(6:53)START
  • Lesson 3: Introduction to Reversal Patterns(16:44)START
  • Lesson 4: Principles of Technical Indicators (Part 1)(18:55)START
  • Lesson 5: Principles of Technical Indicators (Part 2)(13:21)START
  • Notes (Section 1)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 2 – Trading With Moving Averages

  • Lesson 6: Moving Averages Application (Part I)(11:57)START
  • Lesson 7: Moving Averages Application (Part II)(9:04)START
  • Lesson 8: Spotting False Moving Average Signals(4:44)START
  • Notes (Section 2)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 3 – Trading With Support & Resistance

  • Lesson 9: Support & Resistance (Part I)(12:19)START
  • Lesson 10: Support & Resistance (Part II)(11:44)START
  • Notes (Section 3)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 4 – Single Pattern Candlesticks Trading

  • Lesson 11(19:15)START
  • Lesson 12(7:35)START
  • Lesson 13(8:55)START
  • Lesson 14(15:44)START
  • Lesson 15(7:04)START
  • Lesson 16(9:20)START
  • Lesson 17(7:59)START
  • Lesson 18(10:43)START
  • Lesson 19(7:51)START
  • Notes (Section 4)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 5 – Double Pattern Candlesticks Tradin

  • Lesson 20(23:51)START
  • Lesson 21(22:37)START
  • Lesson 22(11:48)START
  • Lesson 23(19:22)START
  • Notes (Section 5)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 6 – Triple Pattern Candlesticks Trading

  • Lesson 24(12:50)START
  • Lesson 25(8:24)START
  • Lesson 26(6:41)START
  • Lesson 27(7:30)START
  • Lesson 28(8:02)START
  • Notes (Section 6)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 7 – Application of Technical Indicators for Confirmation

  • Lesson 29: Confirmation Indicator (Part I)(15:34)START
  • Lesson 30: Confirmation Indicator (Part II)(10:22)START
  • Lesson 31: Confirmation Indicator (Part III)(14:26)START
  • Lesson 32: Confirmation Indicator (Part IV)(8:33)START
  • Lesson 33: Confirmation Indicator (Part V)(16:34)START
  • Lesson 34: Confirmation Indicator (Part VI)(12:40)START
  • Notes (Section 7)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 8 – Trendline Strategy Application

  • Lesson 35: Introduction to Trendlines (Part I)(8:40)START
  • Lesson 36: Introduction to Trendlines (Part II)(12:24)START
  • Lesson 37: Trendline trading with confirmation (Part I)(7:34)START
  • Lesson 38: Trendline trading with confirmation (Part II)(11:59)START
  • Lesson 39: Adjusting Trendlines(6:31)START
  • Lesson 40: How to Avoid False Breakouts(16:47)START
  • Notes (Section 8)START

Intermediate Course I: Section 9 – Additional Confirmations

  • Lesson 41: Multiple Candlestick Pattern Trading(6:25)START
  • Lesson 42: Multi-time frame analysis(16:10)START
  • Lesson 43: Non-trading Sessions(10:36)START
  • Notes (Section 9)START

Intermediate Course I: Conclusion

  • BONUS: More Examples(16:29)START
  • Action Plan(7:58)START
  • Notes (Action Plan)START
  • Next StepSTART

Intermediate Course I: BONUS – Exercise

  • Workbook: Tutorials & Final ExamSTART
  • Workbook AnswersSTART

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