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Dr. David Eifrig (or "Doc" as we call him) is NOT your typical doctor…

Before he ever began his career in medicine, Doc worked on the trading desks at some of the world's top investment banks, including Goldman Sachs.

He learned a lot and made a lot of money on Wall Street… But he got fed up with the way these big institutions really work.

So at age 35, Doc retired and left Wall Street for good, and decided to become a medical doctor. He busted his butt to get through med school, and became a board eligible eye-surgeon.

Unfortunately, Doc soon discovered that even though the medical system is great in this country, and there are many incredible doctors, just like Wall Street, it's also filled with inefficiencies, and bad incentives.

Doc knew he wanted to make a difference in people's lives…

But he realized that, rather than helping just a few people each day, he could do it most effectively by writing to thousands of people about what he'd learned during his time on Wall Street and in the medical system.

So Doc left medicine with a single plan: To research and write about all the best ways Americans can live a better, richer, healthier, and more fulfilling retirement. 

Since 2008, Doc has shared these ideas with nearly 100,000 readers of his monthly research service, Retirement Millionaire.

On the second Wednesday of every month, Dr. Eifrig publishes a new issue of Retirement Millionaire — covering new opportunities for achieving wealth in retirement… loopholes in the travel, medical, and financial systems… important new health studies… great opportunities to add to your income… and much more.

For example, issues of Retirement Millionaire have covered important ideas like:

  • How to boost your 401(k) or IRA by up to $333,000 in a way that your broker may not tell you about.
  • The best months of the year to buy… well… just about everything: frozen foods, sneakers, home theaters, office and home furniture, and power tools — at significant discounts. Write this on your calendar and it could save you hundreds to thousands per year.
  • A little-known tax credit that could lower you annual tax bill by up to $2,000 forever, if you qualify.
  • Why you're likely missing out on "free" money because of your bank account and how you could collect more income by making this one simple switch.

And much, much more…

The fact is, if you're not reading Retirement Millionaire, you are missing out on vital information that could lead to living a wealthier, healthier, and much more interesting retirement.

But the benefits of Retirement Millionaire go far beyond what's in the regular monthly issues…

That's because year after year — Doc finds opportunities that can dramatically change your retirement, sometimes literally overnight.

When that happens, he'll often choose to dedicate an entire Research Report on the subject, like

  • RESEARCH REPORT #1How to Get Extra Money Every Month — Without Working or Investing. Did you know that there are ways to collect thousands of dollars in extra income, entirely OUTSIDE of the financial markets? For instance, if you live in California or Florida… there's a way to collect a lump sum of cash — in exchange for a share of the future price appreciation of your home. (And this has nothing to do with a reverse mortgage or anything like that.)
  • Plus in this report, you'll also learn about a way you can start withdrawing money from your IRA — no matter your age — without getting hit by extra fees or penalties. You'll find all the details in this special report.
  • RESEARCH REPORT #2The Four Surprises the U.S. Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry Don't Want You to Know.
    If you're taking a prescription drug, chances are, it's a generic. That's because since 2015, nearly eight in 10 prescriptions filled are for generic drugs. Doctors have prescribed them for decades as a way to save money… But what doctors, the government, and drug companies won't tell you, is that there are four dangerous differences between generics and brand-name drugs that could seriously threaten your health. In this special report, you'll get the full details and discover how to reduce your risks when taking prescription medication. Bottom line: Before you take another generic drug, you need to read this report.
  • RESEARCH REPORT #3The Dividend Boost.
    Here's something else most folks aren't aware of: A corporate "hack" that lets you collect $5,000… $10,000… even $30,000 or more in extra income… starting with very little cash.

    You see, there's a way to have U.S. companies in your online brokerage account pay you dividends that can grow to be five — or even 10 times — bigger than normal over the long term. I'll show you exactly how to do this — it's totally legal, 100% safe, and available to anyone who knows how to do it.

  • RESEARCH REPORT #4The Free Silver Loophole.

    This is truly amazing… a perfect example of the incredible opportunities Dr. Eifrig uncovers, which you won't hear about anywhere else. You see, a few years ago, Dr. Eifrig found a major loophole in the U.S. retail banking system, which allows you to essentially get real, "hold-in-your-hand" silver from FDIC-insured banks in the U.S. I'm not talking about discounted silver, silver stocks, or anything like that. I'm talking about walking into ordinary banks, saying five "magic words" to the teller… then potentially walking out with real, free silver.

    I know… this sounds impossible… and it probably works less than 10% of the times you try it, but Dr. Eifrig has shown hundreds of people how to use this amazing strategy. As one reader named Michael D. recently said: "Doc, you're a genius! I never thought this would work. But it did! I tried it, and to my surprise, I got 34 silver coins from a single bank. Needless to say, I'm going back for more! Thanks for the great idea!"

    Keep in mind, the potential for getting this essentially free silver is not what it was a few years ago… but still, it only takes about 30 seconds when you visit your local bank to see if they have any… and you never know what you're going to find.

  • RESEARCH REPORT #5The Best Way to Make Sure You NEVER, EVER Run Out of Money.

    Dr. Eifrig has also discovered a great opportunity in the financial system that every retiree should consider. Not only could it completely erase all worries about outliving your money, but it can also provide you with amazing income… tax-free. Now, you shouldn't put all your money into this strategy, you only need to invest a small portion of your overall portfolio.

    This is a critical way to ensure you never run out of money, and as USA Today reported, this is "the only way — outside of Social Security and pensions — to assure a lifetime flow of income in retirement."

All five (5) of these new Special Reports come to you free of charge, when you try a no-risk 30-day trial subscription to Dr. Eifrig's monthly research service, Retirement Millionaire.

A ZERO-Risk Way to Discover Doc's Retirement Loopholes Right Now

Doc's ability to teach people about amazing retirement secrets has resulted in hundreds of e-mail from satisfied customers, like:

"I am like the person looking forward to the mail man arriving with an expected letter that should bear very good news. I stop whatever I am doing, download and print it, move to my recliner, and e-n-j-o-y!"

Charles G.

"We are currently on a 14-day cruise around Asia that would have cost around $18,000 for the package we have… our price was $910! Yes, that was less than one thousand dollars! What a wonderful experience, thanks to you!"

Karen M.

"I love Retirement Millionaire… My wife is reading it and she never reads any financial stuff. One happy customer!"

Joe E.

"I'm just ravenous for the great stuff in your research! This is exactly what I've been trying to research for maybe five years now…"

Roland S.

Now we can't say for sure if Doc's Retirement Millionaire is right for you. But there's an easy and inexpensive way to find out…

You see, even though Retirement Millionaire could save you thousands of dollars in retirement, a one-year subscription to the service is only $199 today.

Why so cheap?

Our belief is that the best advertising for our research is to let you see the actual work and the results for yourself.

And to encourage you to give it a try, we'd like to give you the opportunity to review Retirement Millionaire at an incredibly affordable price.

But there's something else we'd like to do to make this offer an easy decision for you…

You'll have the next 30 days to read through Doc's work — 100% risk-free.

Give it a full "test-drive." Read through all of Doc's recommendations and check out every special report.

If you're unhappy with the research just let us know within those 30 days… Our customer service team will issue you a full refund.

Here's how to get started…

How to Get Started

When you sign up today, you'll pay just $199 for an entire year of Doc's work — entitling you to

  • Dr. David Eifrig Jr.'s Big Book of Retirement SecretsThis 554-page book is a comprehensive reference guide containing more than 250 of Doc's favorite health, wealth and retirement secrets. These tips alone could help cut your bills by up to 80%, boost your monthly income, or even save your life.
  • 12 Monthly Issues of Retirement Millionaire: Here you'll find Doc's latest investment recommendations, along with the current model portfolio… Doc's market analysis… along with health, travel and personal finance tips you won't find anywhere else.
  • Special Readers-Only Reports: In these in-depth guides, Doc exposes incredible opportunities, like: How to Get Extra Money Every Month — Without Working or Investing… The Dividend Boost… The Free Silver Loophole… The Best Way to Ensure You Never, Ever Run Out of Money… and The Four Surprises the U.S. Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry Don't Want You to Know
  • Doc's Training Videos: Doc walks you through some of his best trading and health ideas in this readers-only video series. They include his detailed analysis of Obamacare, including what it means for your life and investments… basic options trading (from a former Goldman Sachs options trader)… the list goes on
  • Your personal online account: You'll also be automatically issued a specific username and password that gives you access to all the research ever published in Retirement Millionaire since it first launched in 2008.
  • Health & Wealth BulletinMonday through Friday, you'll get Doc's unique insights on health, wealth, and retirement. These daily emails cover relevant topics while teaching valuable skills like, how to supercharge your love life… how to survive a mass shooting… or how to protect your retirement from the taxman. You'll get Health & Wealth Bulletin for free as part of your subscription.
  • The Stansberry Digest: Every weekday, the Stansberry Research editorial staff compiles notes on interesting situations taking shape in the markets. This daily e-letter will keep you up-to-date on what's going on with the Stansberry Research family: what we got right… what we got wrong… what we've got planned… and more.

Remember, you get access to all this research the moment you sign up.

And you'll have the next 30 days to make up your mind about the service.

In other words, you are only agreeing to try Doc's work to see if you like it. If not, no problem. Just let us know within 30 days and send back your copy of Big Book of Retirement Secrets — at our expense.

We'll issue you a prompt refund — 100%.

So take the next 30 days. Check it out. Talk to your broker or financial advisor if you're unsure.

It's that easy.

You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

Still have questions?

If so, call our member services team. You can reach a dedicated representative anytime Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

Call 1-888-261-2693

Or, for fastest service, simply complete the Secure Order Form below. You'll have immediate electronic access to Doc's special reports… his Big Book of Retirement Secrets… his top investment recommendations… and an archive of research going back to 2008.

Remember, the loopholes, secrets and tips Doc reveals in Retirement Millionaire could save you thousands of dollars… and even your life.

That's why we strongly encourage you to start your no-risk trial subscription right away.

To get started with your 100% no-risk trial subscription, complete the secure order form below to get started immediately. Sales tax will be added to orders placed from states where we are required to collect sales tax. For additional information about sales tax, please go to our tax information page or call Member Services at 888.261.2693.

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