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Local digital marketing for independent marketers is on its VERY LAST LEGS right now and you’re going to go down with it if you don’t switch things a few things up in your business immediately.

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Local digital marketing for independent marketers is on its VERY LAST LEGS right now and you’re going to go down with it if you don’t switch things a few things up in your business immediately.

Don’t believe me? Go out and just try to sell digital services …  it’s a joke.

Business owners don’t give two sh***s about your web design, SEO, or mobile services unless they already know and trust you. The pie has been eaten by everyone who showed up early.

Cold prospecting … forget about it. They either already have it in place or they’ve been pitched so much for the same services that they shut you down the moment you mention anything about it.

You can even promise ‘page one rankings’  it won’t matter. They don’t care because every guarantee and promise under the sun has been flogged at them mercilessly for years.

You offer NOTHING new or intriguing to them.

If you want to succeed as a local marketer, you must offer something different, unique, and interesting. You have to offer solutions that are:

  1. Incredibly interesting and easy to grasp
  2. Easy to explain
  3. Make them drool and wish they could take advantage of
  4. Affordable enough to be an impulse buy
  5. Fulfilled and implemented rapidly without glitches or long development periods
  6. Able to actually deliver real results quickly
  7. Can be scaled as desired

And as awesome as the internet is, none of that applies to it anymore!

Direct Response Marketing Is The Answer To Everything

Direct response marketing is the reigning king of all marketing and it WILL BLOW THE PANTS off any digital techno method out there.

There’s a reason it’s been working for over a century without a hitch … but it’s only recently been available for local marketers to take advantage of.

Not long ago, in order to do direct response marketing using direct mail, you’d need a vast amount of industry connections to coordinate all the data, copywriting, design, printing, and mailing providers needed.

But now, everything can be done over the internet within a few clicks, to the point where YOU can sit in your underwear drinking coffee and blast out ten thousand response-getting postcards — generating so much business to your clients the door hinges start warping.

And I’ve made a concise guide showing you how to do it all effortlessly.

You’re going to flip sh** over this crystal-clear blueprint of direct response secrets,  suited perfectly for whether you’re a total newbie or a veteran local marketing pro.

This guide will awaken your brain like nothing has before; and you’re in good hands with my information, as I’m not one of those product peddlers that just fluff up the same crap all the time and rehash it over and over.

In Fact, I’m BLACKLISTED By Most Product Creators
Because They Feel So Threatened By It!

That’s right, most product creators are too afraid to mention my methods because they feel they’re a threat to their scam product methods, so some of you may never heard of me before.

But here I am five years since first sharing my innovative local direct marketing methods that work better and better EVERY YEAR. How many times  can you look back at a marketing product you bought a five years ago and it still works just as well? Or even six months ago!?

I share SIMPLE, WORKING methods that I currently use in my own business (where I have REAL employees who depend on these systems to support their own families) and I’ve got thousands of real local marketers just like you who rely on it the same.

What you’ll find here in this never-before-published document, are methods that will reinvigorate your business model and give it life it never knew before.

That’s because I’ve literally (not kidding) cracked the code to actually bringing in customers.

Check out just this one testimonial below (from a real business owner and not just a fellow product creator or ‘serial reviewer’ …

So Drop Everything You’re Doing
And Learn Direct Marketing The Easy Way

Forget trying to learn direct marketing the old way because the game has changed. The content overload from the internet has whittled people’s attention down that of an ADHD stricken toddler.

Today the direct response game (for local marketing) is about finding people who are likely to be interested and then reaching them directly with a simple postcard offer that lays everything out in an instant.

That’s it. Quick and easy.

You don’t need to be an A+ copywriter or even a D class one. All you need is the internet to locate buyers and then simply reach out to them (using the internet again) to design, print, and fulfill everything for you.

The KEY IS TO UNDERSTAND HOW RESPONSE WORKS and how to manipulate it. It’s an art that I can teach you in my easy-to-read 50+ page document …

Available ONLY For a Limited Time:


I’ve compiled a fifty-seven page ZERO FLUFF manual of exactly how to become a response-driving machine at local direct mail.

Everything from how to find the perfect buyers, how to get them to act, and how to make your prospects DROOL when you pitch them on your services.

And NOTHING requires any kind of difficult skill or learned ability.  You’ll learn exactly:

  • How To Fulfill Everything Hands-Free
  • How to Find The Perfect Niches Who Want What You’ve Got
  • How to Dazzle Prospects With Sequential Campaigns
  • How to Predict Response Rate with Amazing Accuracy
  • How to Land Clients Using Postcards That Skirt the Gatekeeper Entirely
  • How To Find BUYERS For Your Clients Who Will Respond

(I’ve even included my 9×12 System “quickstart guide” which no direct marketer should be without.)

There’s A Mammoth Amount of Business
You Can Easily Send Your Clients Just By Sending Simple Postcards!

Your community is actually filled to the brim with easy-to-get customers that you can round up like cattle anytime you choose, but they’re not found on the internet … only through their mailbox.

While you might think everyone searches online for solutions, the fact is most people with problems don’t go searching for solutions until they reach critical levels. And at that point, they become price shoppers and tire kickers (which is why so many businesses hate PPC leads).

The good customers are literally just waiting for something to get their ass in gear. That’s why postcards work so beautifully. They just find the procrastinators and give them a little ‘oomph’ they need.

For every one person with a broken furnace searching Google, there’s hundreds or more with minor problems who aren’t searching but would respond to direct offers for a tune-up or free estimate.

And for every lone dingbat searching “restaurants in Austin TX” on their phone, there’s hundreds who would respond to a $5 Off coupon sent in their mailbox from a local restaurant.

These ‘sitting ducks’ actually make up the VAST majority of potential business out there, yet marketers  insist on beating themselves to death trying to capture the microscopic crowd of internet shoppers instead.

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